NNVA takes charge of veterans’ affairs

NNVA takes charge of veterans’ affairs

Navajo Times | Donovan Quintero
Navajo Nation Council Delegate Norman BeGaye speaks Monday in Window Rock.


The executive branch updated the legislative branch Monday on the transition as the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration replaces the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Since 1998, the Department of Veterans Affairs managed the benefits and services provided for Navajo veterans. That ended when Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye signed the Navajo Veterans Act of 2016 in February. The act created the NNVA as an office under the Office of the President and Vice President, and established the Navajo Nation Veterans Advisory Council. After creation the NNVA had to establish itself beginning in October, which included hiring new staff.

“I know it’s been some time that the Veterans Act has been approved, but the transition from the division to under the Office of the President and Vice President took some time,” said Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathan Nez.

He said the transition really began on Oct. 1, when the organization first had a plan of operation under the new fiscal year.

“Once that happened, the dollars transitioned from the division to the Office of the President and Vice President,” he said.

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