Tsosie, others sound alarm on Naat’aanii Corp.


Navajo Times | Rima Krisst

Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie believes the new Naat’aanii Development Corp. should be more forthcoming.

Naat’aanii Development Corp. delivered its first quarterly report to the Division of Economic Development this week.

However, that report will not be shared with the public.

DED Director Sean McCabe said the report is “confidential,” which, according to him, is a requirement stated in the NDC business charter. There is, however, no confidentiality clause in the DED grant agreement that provided $2.5 million in start-up money to NDC last August.

Delegate Leonard Tsosie believes a Section 17 Corporation in its formation stages should not be holding information in confidence.

“It should be public information,” Tsosie said. “The public needs to know what this corporation is going to do on their behalf.

“I don’t know why they’re hiding it, but I anticipated that, because this is a corporation that was set up as a retirement home for some of President Begaye’s friends,” he said.

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