More than a clinic

Stone Cabin Collective offers healing, pampering

By Cindy Yurth
Tséyi' Bureau

BLUE GAP, Ariz., April 24, 2014

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(Times photo — Cindy Yurth)

TOP: Marykatherine Smith, center, translates for Mary Hastiin, right, as she prepares for an acupuncture treatment by acupuncturist Katya Chizhayeva at the Stone Cabin Collective’s semi-annual Elder Wellness Week clinic at Blue Gap Chapter last Tuesday.

BOTTOM: An herbal foot soak and pedicure is one of the services offered by the Stone Cabin Collective during its semi-annual Elder Wellness Week free clinic last Tuesday at the Blue Gap Senior Citizens Center.

We've all been to free clinics, right?

You wait in line for hours, fill out a ream of paperwork, and spend 10 minutes with the polite but frazzled volunteer who asks you a few perfunctory questions, draws your blood, and tells you your results will be in in two weeks.

But you're really grateful because, hey, it's free.

This isn't like that.

If it weren't so darned free, you'd swear you were at an expensive day spa.

Every six months, the elders of the chapters around Black Mesa enjoy Elder Wellness Week, in which a group of volunteer herbalists, body workers and acupuncturists known as the Stone Cabin Collective visit chapter houses and senior citizen centers to treat them to a day of healing ... whatever that means to them.

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