A party of 'fiends'

Thunderous crowd of Diné fans greets misfits

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

WINDOW ROCK, June 7, 2012

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(Courtesy photo)

TOP: Misfits front man Jerry Only takes the time to meet a young Misfits fan after the band's performance on June 2 in the Window Rock Sports Center.

SECOND FROM TOP: Jerry Only of the Misfits performs June 2 at the Window Rock Sports Center, singing songs like "Scream" and "Die, Die My Darling."

THIRD FROM TOP: Hundreds of fans piled inside the Window Rock Sports Center to see the legendary Misfits perform on June 2.


he Navajo Nation proved to have an extraordinary amount of "fiends" as the Misfits concert went off without a hitch during the Treaty Day fair on June 2.

Even though the wind and dust flew, that wasn't enough to break the spirit of hundreds of Misfits fans as they waited outside the Sports Center last Saturday night.

As you looked down the line of fans you saw almost every person wearing their Misfits gear representing the famous "Fiend Skull."

Fans didn't start piling into the Sports Center until almost 8 p.m. and the opening acts performed shortly after.

Three local bands opened up the Misfits that night - S.O.L., Ethan 103 and Sleep Tastes Pretty - and set the mood as each band played for at least 30 minutes.

The triple threat S.O.L. took the stage first, rocking fans with their strong riffs and rockabilly sound.

Sheena Allen, 25, from Cornfields, Ariz., said she enjoyed the opening acts. She especially liked the song "Rocking Bones" from S.O.L.

"That song gave me chills," she said.

Following was Ethan 103, pumping up the crowd with their punk rock feel and fast-paced songs. They even threw in a cover song from the southern California punk band Pennywise, giving the crowd a familiar song to sing to.

The band selected to perform before the Misfits was determined through a vote on the Navajo Nation Fair's Facebook page. Sleep Tastes Pretty was the winning band.

Sleep Tastes Pretty stepped on stage into the embrace of an already hyped crowd and their hard riffs and powerful sound left the crowd eager for more.

The crowd grew more intense as the band continued - so much so that band members asked the crowd to step back from the barrier.

After Sleep Tastes Pretty wrapped up, a crew reworked the stage and during the pause Navajo Nation Museum Director Manuelito Wheeler said to the crowd, "If you want more bands like them (Misfits) you need to be careful."

Fans gave a brief cheer and stepped back from the barrier allowing crowd control officials to reinforce it.

As the stage crew finished setting up, Jerry Only stood on the stage side getting ready and fans began to chant his name. This soon echoed throughout the Sports Center.

The Misfits took the stage close to 10 p.m. As the lights went out and the intro song played in the background, the band took the stage and was welcomed by screaming fans as the first song, "The Devils Rain," began.

"I couldn't believe the energy," drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce said. "I could hear the crowd over my monitor, which is hard to do."

Leanderson Shay, 27, of Ganado, Ariz., said the best part of the night was when the Misfits took the stage and everyone was screaming.

Before the first song ended the crowd was swaying from left to right as people tried to push their way to the front.

"For my first show in Window Rock I had a lot of fun. Singing along with Jerry and jumping around with the crowd," said Charmayne James, 17, of Tsaile, Ariz.

"Jerry's awesome for sharing the stage with the guy from 5 Cellars Below to sing a song with him," James said referring to the performance of "Forbidden Zone" when singer of local band 5 Cellars Below joined the Misfits on stage. "It was a great show."

The Misfits performed "American Psycho," "Skulls," "Scream," "Land of the Dead," "She," and "Halloween," to name only a few.

James said her favorite song of the night was "Saturday Night" from the Misfits 1999 album "Famous Monsters."

Jerry Only dedicated "Saturday Night" to all the ladies in audience then wished guitarist Dez Cadena a happy birthday.

The crowd went in an uproar as Dez said, "Thank you, Navajo Nation," before the band began to play "Descending Angels."

"Thanks for having me on my birthday and thanks for letting me do what I enjoy," Dez said.

The Misfits ended the set with their infamous "Die, Die My Darling" from their 1984 album "Earth A.D."

As the set ended Jerry Only threw out his wristbands then jumped off stage to greet fans.

The Misfits stayed after the set and allowed fans to take pictures and get autographs.

"I really want to thank (the fans) from the bottom of my heart," Jerry Only said. "I will never forget you."

According to Shannon Edison, 22, of Tsaile, Ariz., seeing the misfits in Window Rock was neat.

"Growing up listening to the Misfits and seeing them live was something," she said. "You can see they were really into playing the rez and were passionate about it."

As an endnote, Jerry Only said, "We'll be back!"