'World's Strongest Jumproper' to speak at schools

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

WINDOW ROCK, April 16, 2013

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(Courtesy photo)

James Brewster Thompson, dubbed the world's strongest jumproper, is headed to Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Whiteriver, Ariz. from May 21-22.

T he man dubbed the world's strongest jumproper is headed to Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Whiteriver, Ariz. for two days and will be a motivational speaker at the Seven Mile and Cradleboard elementary schools.

James Brewster Thompson of Las Vegas, Nev. said he has been a motivational speaker since he was 20 and coming to the area to speak to students is his way of giving back.

"We owe it to give back in the society in some way," he said.

In addition to speaking, Thompson will show his audience why he has been dubbed the world's strongest jumproper by having one to three people hold on to his upper body while he jumps a rope with their added weight.

This will be Thompson's first visit to Whiteriver and during his visit he said he hopes that he hopes his presentation inspires the youth to stay physically fit and encouraging them "to never give up and have a positive attitude on life."

He said that teachers and students alike will be able to enjoy his performance because it's one of those "unique" programs that draw in the attention of everyone.

Thompson said that his performance is going to present everyone in attendance with a five-step game plan, a plan that will help them keep on track for their future endeavors.

The first step he is going to talk about is goal-setting, both short-term and long-term.

The second step is becoming self-aware by encouraging the audience to look in the mirror, analyzing themselves, and deciding their future.

The third step, Thompson said, is to emphasize is the importance of mental preparation. He said he wants students to become mentally strong in life by first, envisioning being successful in the future, and second, using positive self-talk.

The fourth step is being physically fit, the importance of getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and practicing good hygiene.

The final step is developing a support system. Thompson said he will talk about the importance of surrounding one's self with positive people.

This could include parents, teachers and friends.

"All these people make the role models, and a good support system," he said.

He said in between his explanations of each of these step he will entertain them with everything from ventriloquism to human strength with and without the jumprope.

"I'm known for jumping rope to the extreme," Thompson said.

Thompson said it's important to have motivational speakers on Native reservations because of the unique problems in tribal communities.

Thompson will be at Seven Mile Elementary School on May 21 and Cradleboard Elementary School on May 22.

Information: 928-338-1026 or www.theropemaster.com.