Kayenta's two-member band has sound of orchestra

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

WINDOW ROCK, June 6, 2013

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I t is often thought that in order for one to experience an energetic musical performance, the band should have at least four to five band members.

When it comes to Kayenta, Ariz.'s metal band, Obsolete, two sounds just as good.

"Obsolete goes on stage as two, but delivers a performance that a full band gives," according to Leon Boone, 19, of his observation of fans' reactions over the past two years. "We just want to be different and we want to stand out. We put a lot of work into our band."

Obsolete is made up of Boone, drummer and lead vocals, and Damon Zonnie, 20, who plays guitar.

Boone originally started out as the band's bassist before making the switch to drums and vocals in early 2011.

Of playing the guitar in the band, Zonnie, who started playing at age 12, said, "It's like an escape. What I've learned I put it into this band.

"With his talent and my talent I think we're going to be going places," Zonnie added. "We both put our talents together to make this band and whenever we play live I feel the energy" of the crowd.

Obsolete has been promoting its four-song EP – otherwise known as an extended play, which contains more than a single but is too short to qualify as a album – since its release in early 2012. So far, it is sold through online stores including iTunes, Amazon and Big Cartel.

"We know what we want out of this band and we know what to expect from each other," Boone said adding that he's seen the band's struggles from start to now. However, "So far so good, being a two piece band."

Despite his desire to form a full-fledge band, Boone said the pair has put their "blood, sweat and tears into this band and we just haven't found anyone reliable."

So right now they are fine with just the two of them, and it seems to be working. Since officially becoming a duo 2011, Boone said they have nearly 100 shows under their belts.

"We like to play shows whenever we get the chance," he said.

Obsolete has been influenced by a lot of older rock, but the sound they're creating as a band runs along the more modern lines, Boone said.

The best way Boone could describe the sound of Obsolete is a mixture of two bands - the melodic sounds of "Bullet For My Valentine" and the aggressive tone of "Suicide Silence."

"We play what we want and just hope people like it," Boone added. "We feel if you give us a chance, maybe you'll like us maybe you won't, but just the fact that you've given the band a chance means a lot to us."

Obsolete has several shows coming up this summer with their next stop at Richie's Cornfield in Whiteriver, Ariz. on June 8.

For more information visit their Facebook page.