Two injured after neighborhood fight

By Bill Donovan
Special to the Times

WINDOW ROCK, September 6, 2012

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W INDOW ROCK - Navajo police were called to a house in Fort Defiance about 10 p.m. on August 26 because of reports that a group of men had gotten rowdy and were causing damage to buildings in the area.

When police arrived, they found Joseph Melchor, 31, who said he was in his home when he heard the commotion outside in his neighborhood.

When he went outside, he said he confronted the individuals, a group of intoxicated men who were yelling and breaking windows. He said he went out with a crescent wrench in his hands for his own safety.

A fight started up and Melchor said he had to use the wrench to protect himself. Police said when he was interviewed, he had lacerations on his face.

By the time police arrived, most of the people who had been involved had fled the area. Police did find two individuals, however, who had been injured in the fight - Eric Martin Cornfield, 21, of Sawmill and Cameron Jones, 27, of Chambers, both of whom had trauma to the head.

Police said both Cornfield and Jones were intoxicated and combative as medical technicians prepared them to be transported to the hospital in Fort Defiance. Cornfield's injuries were so severe that he was later flown to Phoenix for more treatment.

Cornfield and Jones were later charged with criminal damage and disorderly conduct. Police said the incident is still under investigation so more charges may be pending.

Navajo police assist federal officers

Navajo tribal police assisted federal officers in making a federal arrest in connection with an incident that occurred on Aug. 2 in Sanders, Ariz.

Police said the arrest warrant was issued on Arcenio Randall, 29, of Sanders, who was found in his mother's home in Dilkon, Ariz.

Old lumber mill set on fire

Tribal and McKinley County fire officials are saying the fire that was started at the old lumber mill in Navajo, N.M. on Aug. 27 was deliberately set.

Bill Woolman, McKinley County fire manager, said the fire was put out easily with only a little damage to the building. He also pointed out that fires had been set at the building twice in the past so it already had extensive fire damage.

He said that this was probably caused by a group of juveniles in the area who had set several fires in the area in the past year.

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