Dilkon stabbed to death for 'hateful comments'

WINDOW ROCK, January 17, 2013

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A New Mexico man is scheduled to appear in U.S. District Court in Flagstaff this week in connection with a murder that occurred in Dilkon, Ariz. on Jan. 5.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Phoenix, Adrian Sanchez is charged with stabbing to death a Dilkon man for making "hateful comments" about his being homosexual.

The complaint states that Sanchez and his boyfriend were in Dilkon smoking with a man identified only as "TB" when he began making disparaging remarks about their homosexuality.

Sanchez at that point slapped the man and the two began to fight during which Sanchez reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and went after him. The Navajo man attempted to flee by going out the back door but it was locked.

Before he could escape, he was stabbed to death.

Sanchez, who is a non-Native, told FBI agents that he killed TB because he became angry and didn't want the man to return with "his homies" to get back at him.

When he called 911 to report TB's death, Sanchez initially claimed that he had killed a man in self-defense because he had broken into his apartment.

Teenager killed in attempt to cross I-40

A teenager from Fort Defiance died Sunday when he was trying to cross Interstate 40 near Ft. Wingate, N.M.

The New Mexico State Police identified the victim as James Stenson Manymules, 19.

The report said the accident occurred about 2:25 a.m. as Manymules was trying to cross I-40 near the 33-mile marker and walked directly into traffic in the southbound lane.

A vehicle driven by Donovan Sandoval of Gallup struck Manymules. Sandoval said he didn't see Manymules until it was too late. Sandoval told police he tried to avoid hitting him by swerving to the right but he struck the pedestrian in the right side of his vehicle.

As Manymules was thrown to the right into the other lane, he was then run over by another vehicle, driven by Robert Pickering of Gallup.

Neither driver was cited in the accident.

Tuba City man charged with three counts of aggravated assault

A Tuba City man was arrested on Sunday by the Coconino County Sheriff's Office for allegedly assaulting a hitchhiker.

Clinton Tsinnie, 35, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

According to police, Tsinnie was hitchhiking from Tuba City to Flagstaff. They spent the day drinking and when they began hitchhiking back to Tuba City, the two got into an argument.

Witnesses told police that the argument turned into a fight and they saw Tsinnie knock his fellow hitchhiker to the ground and kick him in the head and face multiple times.

The victim remains in the Flagstaff Medical Center where he's being treated for serious facial and head injuries. His name hasn't been released.

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