Expo introduces students to science, technology

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

BLANDING, Utah, April 24, 2014

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(Times photos - Shondoin Silversmith)

TOP: Country Canyon Youth Corps member shows a Utah State University student how to cut a log using a two-man saw.

MIDDLE: Utah State University robotics student Jerrick Tsosie shows students from Shonto Preparatory Technology High school one of their robots during the STEAM Expo.

BOTTOM: Utah State University nursing student Juliette Denetsosie shows a high school student how to listen to capture a patient's heartbeat through a stethoscope during the STEAM expo in Blanding, Utah.

Dozens of potential college students wandered the campus of Utah State University last week as STEAM (science, technology, art and mathematics) programs set up shop to show them what they have to offer.

"We know there are not enough kids interested in these areas where jobs are building," said Georgiana Kennedy Simpson, coordinator of the STEAM Maker Expo at the university on April 11 and 12.

"It's really how does this relate to real life," Simpson said. "We are the local educator. We are educating in an area that is 40,000 square miles. If you want to be able to start at a place that's very dedicated to the success of you and developing you for careers that can actually give you a good job. This is a place you can come and accomplish it."

They had activities for kids to explore like slime making, clay making, summitry with nature and rocket building, but they also made it educational and presented the chemistry of ceramics and slime.

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