14 students graduate at Navajo Mountain

By Krista Allen
Western Agency Bureau

NAVAJO MOUNTAIN, Utah, May 22, 2014

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(Times photos - Krista Allen)

TOP: Navajo Mountain High graduates from left, Elijah J. Barlow, Randy J. Boutilier, Tekisha S. Miles, Shashon L. Butler, Lewanna Edgewater, Tyler K. Freeman, Kristen R. Yazzie, Shane King, Morris N. King, and Kayla L. Nez. Kneeling left, Katrina C. Kinsel and Brandy J. Smallcanyon.

BOTTOM: After acknowledging San Juan School District personnel on May 19, Lewanna Edgewater receives her diploma from Navajo Mountain High School in Naatsis'áán.

Navajo Mountain High School celebrated its largest graduating class in history during Monday's 14th commencement ceremony in the Jaguar gymnasium.

In front of eager, excited families and friends, fourteen students - Elijah Joel Barlow, Randy James Boutilier, Shashon Lee Butler, Lewanna Edgewater, Tyler Keith Freeman, Aaron Grey, Martinez Greymountain, Morris Ned King, Shane Dine Nizhonie King, Katrina Clara Kinsel, Tekisha Shameka Miles, Kayla Lynn Nez, Brandy Jadyn Smallcanyon, and Kristen RaNae Yazzie - graduated May 19.

"We are very happy with the progress they've made," said Kurt Wood, the Bilagáana who received applause and loud cheering for singing "The Star Spangled Banner" in Navajo after the Naatsis'áán veterans posted the colors.

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