Protests gear up against Tohlakai liquor license

By Alastair Lee Bitsoi
Navajo Times

TWIN LAKES, N.M., Sept. 25, 2014

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Lawrence Howard regularly purchases fuel and groceries from the Tohlakai Giant Convenient Store and Gas Station, and when he saw the signpost for a possible liquor license he couldn’t help but share his objections.

He went to Facebook to express his thoughts with family and friends.

“I was like, ‘Hell no!’” said the 33-year-old from Twin Lakes. “We don’t need this here.”
Western Refining Southwest Inc., which owns the Tohlakai Giant, has filed for a dispenser license application with the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department’s Alcohol and Gaming Division.

In New Mexico, a dispenser license means that Western Refining would essentially be allowed to sell “beer, wine and hard liquor,” according to the Alcohol and Gaming Division.

On Sept. 16, Western Refining’s liquor license notice was posted on the doors of the convenience store in an effort to inform the public. Oct. 6 is the last day to submit a written objection to the director of the Alcohol and Gaming Division.

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