The Plateros becoming Indigenous, original band to be side gig

By Jason M. Edwards
Special to the Times

ALBUQUERQUE, Sept. 25, 2014

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(Special to the Times - J. Morgan Edwards Photography)

The Plateros, including Douglas Platero (drummer), Levi Platero (lead guitarist/vocalist) and Bronson Begay (bass/vocalist) will join Indigenous’ Mato Nanji in the near future.

The Plateros continue to wow crowds across the Southwest and beyond. The trio spent the summer touring with Indigenous and now they're back home "relaxing."

They don't get much of a break, though. After all, Douglas Platero (drummer) is a full-time husband and father. And Levi Platero (lead guitarist/vocalist) and Bronson Begay (bass/vocalist) are also full-time students at the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

Levi is pursuing a degree in business, while Begay is working towards his degree in liberal arts. They are no strangers when it comes to balancing a busy schedule. During one stretch to close out the end of last year, they performed as the opening act for the comedy duo James and Ernie.

"I like opening better,” said Begay. “But, of course, headlining is our goal. It's always a great crowd. (James and Ernie) usually pack the place. And what makes it better is it's in Navajo country."

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