Deschene disqualified, has 10 days to appeal

By Donovan Quintero
Navajo Times

GALLUP, Oct. 9, 2014

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Chris Deschene says he plans to appeals today's Office of Hearings and Appeals decision on Thursday in Window Rock. (Times photo - Donovan Quintero)

Chris Deschene repeatedly refused to answer questions Thursday in a hearing meant to determine whether he speaks Navajo fluently.

Chief hearing officer Richie Nez said he had no choice but to rule against Deschene.


Election Office's Wauneka: OHA disqualification of Deschene hearsay 

“I’ve been pushed into a corner by clear and convincing evidence that by refusing to answer questions which will lead me to pass on whether or not Mr. Deschene is fluent,” Nez said.

Deschene said he would appeal to the Navajo Nation Supreme Court.

“The collective rights of our people have not been heard,” Deschene said. “This case highlighted one simple issue, that nobody is protecting the voice of those that voted in the primary and those who will vote in the general.”

Deschene has 10 days to appeal Nez’s decision.


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