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Organization decorates vets’ graves for Christmas


Navajo Times | Ravonelle Yazzie
Air Force veteran Daniel Yazzie places a wreath at the Veterans Cemetery on Wreathes Across America Day in Fort Defiance on Dec. 15.

“It looked so beautiful and it snowed and you could just see the evergreen wreaths,” recalled Ernestine Reeder of three years ago, when the Fort Defiance Veterans’ Cemetery was adorned with 400 wreaths. This year only nine wreaths were placed at the cemetery at 10 a.m. on Wreaths Across America Day on Dec. 15.

With only four people present, they worked together to remind veterans that they are not forgotten. “There is always someone remembering them,” said Reeder. As a surviving spouse of the late Army veteran Leonard Reeder, Ernestine works diligently with veterans on projects to honor those who sacrificed their lives.

With the upcoming inauguration of the Navajo Nation president and vice president nearing, Reeder has hopes that the Jonathan Nez and Myron Lizer administration will support Navajo veterans.

“Mr. Lizer is interested” in helping, said Reeder.

“We need to let him know what we’re doing up here. I think he is willing to help us” with purchasing more wreaths for the Veterans’ Cemetery. “As soon as they get into office, I will go see him and talk to him.”

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