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Navajo Nation economic development offices are continuing several projects throughout the reservation that will provide hundreds of new jobs over the next several months.

Native women working off the reservation make 53 cents to every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men make.

Young entrepreneur starts own skincare product line

The Navajo Nation has identified a potential buyer for the Navajo Generating Station that would allow the generating station, which along with the Kayenta Coal Mine generates about a third of the Navajo Nation’s budget and 80 percent of the Hopi Tribe’s, to operate beyond the projected closing date of 2019.

A settlement conference was held last week in an attempt to resolve the dispute between Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise and it’s former CEO, Barbara McGough.

The HVAC/R industry may be male-dominated, but one Diné woman is working against the statistics of women in the workforce with her presence, persistence and success.

Not-so-sheepish To Haltsooí commandeers vendor village for flea market

A car is definitely one of the largest purchases a family makes, and it should be made after a lot of deliberation and consideration of what they can afford.

Chinle Chapter last Monday took the first step toward constructing a vendor village at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly, with chapter members authorizing Chapter President Myron McLaughlin to apply for a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Alana Yazzie’s hobby of creating social media content has bloomed into a small business.