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Dangerous winds to resume

The wind will be back, in full force.


Winds cause damage, power outages

Sustained winds up to 65 mph damaged buildings and caused power outages on Thursday.


Bízhí wóózhch’į́į́d

Eagle is sacred to the Navajo, says medicine man


‘Silent fight’

Tribe files lawsuit as Tsinigine’s family marks death anniversary


Third golden eagle shot

Another golden eagle was found, shot, with all of its tail feathers removed.


First day of spring marks first women’s veterans day

Diné women who’ve served in the Armed Forces, please stand up.


Coal silo at San Juan Generating Station fails, says PNM reps

What was initially called an explosion on Saturday at the San Juan Generating Station may actually have been a failure that caused a fire to start in one of the coal-fired units that is still in operation.


Police ask for public’s help with hit-and-run accident in Standing Rock

The Navajo Nation Police is asking for the public’s help in helping locate the person or persons who left the scene of a fatal hit-and-run accident that occurred late Tuesday evening in Standing Rock, New Mexico.


Naabi votes against bill that would allow feds to enter rez, make arrests

A bill in Congress seeks to violate the Treaty of 1868. House Resolution 4864, the so-called “No Haven for Dangerous Fugitives Act,” was introduced by U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem, a Republican, from South Dakota.


Jails face shutdown, tribe comes to rescue

The Navajo Department of Corrections, simply put, is in dire straits.