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Letters: Change system to support new development

Social and economic conditions in our American society beginning at the federal level to the states, counties, cities and municipalities are based on and driven by laws, ordinances, rules and regulations developed and legislated by its citizenry.

Police Blotter

Police Blotter: Official still serving on school board, chapter despite DWIs

According to witnesses, a school board member and chapter official in Sanostee, New Mexico, has continued to serve in both her positions as late as Sunday in spite of a complaint filed against her by the Department of Diné Education for allegedly failing to disclose two alcohol-related offenses on her candidacy application.


Obituaries for Nov. 16, 2017

This week: Levon Williams, Nedford J. Edsitty, Derrick Leroy Tsinajinnie, Rydell Anderson Sr., Donald R. Natoni, Murlee S. Hollow Horn, and Isabelle Ann Morgan.


Less money for Head Start

Low student enrollment leads to reduced funding in 2018 WINDOW ROCK Decreasing enrollment at Navajo Nation Head Start is prompting the U.S. Office of Head Start to seek a reduction


Navajo Times All-Star nomination forms due by Nov. 28

The deadline to submit the nomination forms for the 2017 Navajo Times All-Star teams is Tuesday, Nov. 28 by 5 p.m.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: NASCAR gives hero a moment in time

Several weeks ago, I was given the ultimate opportunity to promote the Navajo Code Talkers at the national level through photography. Steve Morgan, CEO of Veterans Motorsports, sponsor of XFinity race car number 74, and Mike Harmon Racing Team contacted me to see if they could honor the Navajo Code Talkers during Phoenix Raceway’s Ticket Galaxy 200 NASCAR XFinity Race.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: Three lessons from last week’s elections

Three lessons from last week’s election results. First: Gerrymandering can be defeated. The election districts in Virginia were designed to support incumbents, and especially Republicans.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: Extending our boundaries

I grew up without a father. As a team, my mother, Aunt Pat, and grandmother shared that position. And for the majority of the time, my grandfather Guadalupe Chosa filled the role.


Letters: Language loss result of historical trauma

The government’s ultimate goal was to annihilate Native culture and now you see some of the remnants. Some families escaped the experience. Thank goodness.


Obituaries for Nov. 9, 2017

This week: Jason Jay McCabe and Carlton B. Smith.