Ty Segall invades Duke City with garage rock

Navajo Times | Terry Bowman
Indie-rocker Ty Segall performs at the Sister Bar in downtown Albuquerque on Monday, May 8, with The Freedom Band.


Indie-garage musician Ty Segall performed at the Sister Bar on Monday, May 8, with songs off his new 2017 release “Ty Segall.”

Segall came onstage in front of a euphoric audience as he opened with the song “Break A Guitar.” The music was very loud as Segall and Emmett Kelly traded guitar leads and Mikal Cronin backed the group with his fuzzy bass playing.

“Thanks for coming out this evening,” said Segall, wearing an all-white suite and launching into his song “Freedom,” which was played very loud as the garage rocker didn’t hold back and let loose on stage.

Performing to a sold-out crowd, Segall performed for nearly an hour with new songs “The Only One” and “Freedom.”

He was backed by The Freedom Band, which is comprised of bassist Cronin, drummer Charles Moothart, guitarist Kelly and piano player Ben Boye.

Sister was invaded by music lovers moshing and head banging, enjoying the music of Segall and The Freedom Band. Sister’s dance floor and music venue was smaller than most in the downtown area and many in the audience had to squeeze onto the tiny dance floor.

During the song “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned),” the group entered a psychedelic interlude in which Segall played an extended, melodic solo. Segall and the band played the song for nearly 10 minutes as the audience mellowed out but got energetic as the song progressed faster at the end.

One fan was so belligerent he had to be escorted off by security after he kept putting his cellphone under Segall for video and annoyed a few fans by spilling his beverage when Segall took the stage.

“Are you OK?” Segall asked a female fan who had the maniac’s drink spilled on her.

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