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Making it rain

Drought has been building for centuries, and the government hasn’t helped

Police Blotter

Combing the canyon

Piñon’s elite search team is on the job


Fort Defiance Chapter accepting donations for Sawmill fire victims

A fire in Sawmill, Arizona consumed an estimated 350 acres on Sunday.


Fire breaks out near Sawmill

A fire that started around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon quickly engulfed an area southeast of Sawmill, Arizona.


Treaty of 1868 is here!

The treaty that helped the imprisoned Navajo people return to their homeland is here and goes on display today (June 1) at the Navajo Nation Museum.


Fire restrictions in place across Ariz., NM, Nation

With continued winds and no rain in the forecast, conditions for a fire to ignite are ripe.


Dangerous winds to resume

The wind will be back, in full force.


Winds cause damage, power outages

Sustained winds up to 65 mph damaged buildings and caused power outages on Thursday.


Bízhí wóózhch’į́į́d

Eagle is sacred to the Navajo, says medicine man


‘Silent fight’

Tribe files lawsuit as Tsinigine’s family marks death anniversary