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50 Years Ago: Tribe finalizes plant agreement giving workers $1.25 an hour

The first major economic initiative developed during the Raymond Nakai administration has been finalized.

Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley, a three-year veteran of the Winslow Police Department, is the officer being investigated in connection with the shooting death of a Navajo woman on Easter Sunday…

Witness to shooting death: ‘We didn’t see a weapon’

A woman who said she and her family witnessed the shooting death of Loreal Tsingine by a Winslow police officer on Sunday says she did not see Tsingine pull a weapon of any kind.

Family, bikers pay tribute to Alex Yazzie and all police officers

Lawsuit filed on behalf of Navajo children abused in Mormon Placement Program

Five years after the Navajo Supreme Court entered a landmark decision on allegations of sexual abuse by a Catholic priest, another lawsuit has been filed claiming that Mormon Church officials failed to take action when Navajo students in their placement program were abused by members of their order.

Arizona and New Mexico have each confirmed its fist case of the mosquito-born Zika virus, prompting concern over whether or not the Navajo Nation is ready for the worst-case scenario.

50 Years Ago: Nakai’s campaign strategy, non-Indian use of IHS hospitals

Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai is spending a lot of time on the campaign trail as he urges tribal members to vote him back into office in the upcoming tribal election.

13th annual Piestewa Memorial event honors all fallen heroes

A secular cathedral in southeastern Utah is at risk. But a coalition of five tribes, with support from conservation groups, is pushing for federal designation

Crownpoint High principal being investigated after making discriminatory remarks

J.D. Reed was removed as Crownpoint High principal pending an investigation into intolerant remarks he made toward members of the district’s Navajo school board members.