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A man who allegedly stole a Navajo police vehicle ended off Navajo Route 12, north of Fort Defiance, after being involved in a high speed pursuit.

Yeibichei masks are never supposed to leave tribal lands. But, ending up in the wrong hands, there have been incidents when they’ve been taken thousands of miles away to overseas destinations to be sold to the highest bidder.

The suspect in a double fatal shooting outside the Navajo Superior Courthouse last month has pleaded not guilty.

Ida M. Begay was watching the late movie Monday night when an explosion rocked her house.

50 Years Ago: Name-calling sinks to new lows

The campaign for tribal chairman was getting very bitter with both candidates accusing the other of cheating and worse, as name calling had become a major part of both the campaigns for Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai and his challenger, Sam Billison.

More than 30 temporary storage tanks burned in San Juan Basin, New Mexico, after an explosion at an WPX Energy property, causing one family to evacuate.

The search is over. The Navajo Nation has finally hired its first chief of police in nearly a decade.

When a shooter raised his weapon the afternoon of June 28 and squeezed the trigger, he tore two holes in Brian Davenport’s life.

The Hopi Tribe wanted peace with the Navajos.

The family of a Diné woman who was fatally shot by a Winslow, Arizona police officer three months ago filed a $10.5 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city on Friday.