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Shiprock officials confident 2008 audit issues have been corrected

The Shiprock Chapter has upwards of $750,000 sitting in tribal accounts that it can’t use.

Myra Begay-Draper said Friday that she is not a staff member in the Office of the President and Vice President and that she had been working tirelessly since November 2014 on getting her father’s house connected to the electrical grid.

When people today think of the years Raymond Nakai served as chairman of the Navajo Tribe, many may have the impression that one of the reasons he would eventually lose his chairmanship to Peter MacDonald was because he couldn’t compete with MacDonald’s oratory skills.

President Russell Begay and Vice President Jonathan Nez promise new law is first step toward getting every Navajo veteran a decent home.

Łeejin Haagééd (Coalmine) Chapter Sunday passed a resolution requesting the investigation of Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and four Navajo government offices, including the Office of the President and Vice President, after a power line that was originally expected to benefit 33 families ended up serving only one customer

HEHS takes no action on BIE school boards

The council’s Health, Education and Human Services Committee once more failed to reach a consensus on whether or not to recommend reducing the number of BIE school boards on the reservation, with one delegate complaining he is getting threats from the communities he represents over the proposed legislation.

At some time before Gallup Police arrived at the scene of an exposure death in the early-morning hours on Jan. 8, the deadly cold of the border town night claimed its sixth victim of the season.

Last Friday, New Mexico 2nd District Court Judge Briana Zamora sentenced Alex Rios to 67 ½ years in prison, the maximum penalty possible under state law, for his participation in the brutal murders of Allison Gorman and Kee Thompson during the summer of 2014.

50 years ago: Wauneka challenges Nakai over motor pool

Navajo Nation Chairman Raymond Nakai continued to be hammered by the “Old Guard” in the Navajo Tribal Council and during the early part of February, 1966, the attack was headed by the only woman on the tribal council, Annie Wauneka.

The Flagstaff Lady Eagles basketball team will be allowed to wear their hair in the traditional Navajo tsiyeel at future games, the Arizona Interscholastic Association said Thursday.