Hill computer scientist works to keep A-10s flying

Hill computer scientist works to keep A-10s flying

By Kendahl Johnson
75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs


Although Jeremy Smith’s life path took him many directions, his journey eventually landed him where he wanted to be – as a respected computer scientist for the U.S. Air Force.

Smith, who works for the 519th Software Maintenance Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, began his path toward computers early in life while growing up on the Navajo Reservation in Monument Valley, Utah.

His interest stemmed first from his father, a networking specialist who helped bring internet to the reservation. But like many kids, his curiosity in computers was fully piqued by Nintendo.

“I wondered how Super Mario jumped,” he said. “I wanted to know everything, from the controller button, to the game console, to whatever happens inside the game console. I wanted to know how all of it worked.”

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