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Note to sports fans

Regular readers of the Navajo Times sports section may notice our coverage is a little thin this week. This is due to the absence of sports editor Quentin Jodie, whose mother, Esther A. Jodie, passed away last Wednesday.


Letters: Wrong tests being given to Natives

In this day and age the educational system has yet to address cultural considerations whenever tests are taken or given to a culture of people that is largely right-brain dominant.


Tiny Torreon boasts first library on NM side of nation

If you like to read, you will never lack for entertainment in this remote, somewhat desolate community.


Obituaries for Nov. 2, 2017

This week: Donovan Jameson, Sophie Lynne Lancer-Bradford, and Terry G. Sanford Jr..


Kayenta student killed exiting bus

A Kayenta Unified School District student was reportedly killed while exiting a school bus Tuesday.


Navajo, other tribes call land-use bill a step in the right direction

Tribal leaders backed a House bill Wednesday that would give tribes the ability to control more of their land, instead of having to get federal approval for virtually any use.


Letters: Prayers for brother who served in Vietnam

This is a story about my brother, Clyde Wilson, who was drafted by the U.S. Marines and served in Vietnam in 1968.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: Loreal: The ordinariness of being Diné in Winslow

The DOJ concluded that Loreal’s civil rights were not violated, with attention to federal civil rights statue 18 U.S.C., subsection 242, that prohibits certain types of official misconduct. The news was disheartening, to say the least.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: Native candidates go after those five-buck checks

New Mexico congressional candidate Debra Haaland is crisscrossing Indian Country determined to get her name out there – and to raise enough money to be competitive.


Obituaries for Oct. 26, 2017

This week: Wee Jean Begay, Kirby Tye Pete, Caroline Kathy Bemore, Louise Esther Brown, Doc Maize Scott, Fred John Begay, Christine K. Watson, Paul H. Yazzie, and Terry Lee Upshaw.