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Let’s look at our trust fund from a business and investment prospective.

Last week, Maryleen Tahy, a former candidate for the San Juan County, Utah, Commission and a Blanding, Utah, resident, submitted a letter sharing her experience with the San Juan County Democratic Party and accusing the party of being taken over by Utah Diné Bikéyah (“Utah Diné Bikéyah takes over Democratic caucus,” April 5, 2018).

I want to share with people of San Juan County, Utah, my experience in the 2018 election process. I was a Democratic candidate for the San Juan County, Utah, Commission race.

The article about late Jane Biakeddy published in the Navajo Times (“Memories of Jane Biakeddy of Big Mountain”) dated March 8, 2018, inspired me to write this letter.

I am Danielle Jackson and I go to the Santa Fe Indian School in New Mexico. I’m taking a class

It is with great disappointment on the eve of the passing of our grandfather, we, the granddaughters of Norris Nez Sr., discovered an article titled “Preserving our Traditional Culture” by Patrick Scott of Tuba City, in the Leading the Way magazine, Volume 16 No. 3.

Here’s a response by a guy with the name of a horse.

As children, our playground was the land around our reservation, including the edge of the sacred Tsékooh Hatsoh — what many call the “Grand Canyon.”

There is noise on and off the reservation to save Navajo Generating Station and Peabody Mine to save 800 high-paying jobs and revenues.

A recent Navajo Times article reports that only 6,486 students out of 12,887 who applied for scholarship funding in 2017 were approved while 6,401 were turned away.