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Letters | Expressing thoughts on Cove financial statements

Expressing thoughts on Cove financial statements

This letter is in response to the June 27, 2024, Navajo Times article “Auditor general office yet to audit Cove Chapter’s financial statements”. As a registered voter of Cove Chapter, I will express my thoughts on the said news article.

The story about violations of policies and procedures by the chapter employees was brought to the public’s attention. There have been concerns about funds mismanagement at the Cove Chapter for several years. The same chapter manager has been handling the funds for the period mentioned in the article. I’ve attended the chapter meetings in Shiprock where the chapter manager presents her transparent financial reports with monies spent and balances. In comparison, the Cove chapter manager might report vague finances sporadically.

The unaccounted-for funds reported in the newspaper article has already been dispensed and used mysteriously. The effort(s) by the chapter president to try to retrace a paper trail does not sound feasible due to irregular record keeping and time lapse. The chapter certification for Cove was not a good financial strategy, which left open doors for free reins of money allocations by the chapter employees. Cove has only about 300 registered voters and the record keeping was still shorted.

One can get away with favoritism of relatives, conflict of interest, many travel expenditures, and work absences for so long. There comes a time when lack of transparency, accountability, no audits come to an end, and everything comes to the surface. Handling budgets requires educated individuals with financial education and advanced degrees today. Cove Chapter needs to be revamped!

Wilford R. Joe
Shiprock, N.M.

Supporting Whitebull family

Many concerned citizens travel more than 800 miles to rally in a protest against the incident that occurred on May 13, 2024, at the Farmington High School graduation. It is a disheartening situation to the Whitebull family, relatives and friends.

Where was our tribal leadership. The president and the Law-and-Order committee chairperson were absent during the May 18, 2024, protest at the Farmington High School. They’re not around when they are needed. What an embarrassment.

The only one that showed a lot of caring heart and leadership from the tribal government was Amber Crotty who participated in the protest. The other leader I would like to praise is New Mexico State Senator Sharon Pinto. They demonstrated they are fearless leaders in representing the Navajo people. That’s how our top tribal leaders should be and are expected to be.

The Navajo people know the Navajo president is too busy fixing the sexual harassment against him and his administration. It should have never happened had he appointed true professionals in the first place. His admiration is turning out to be a place for romance.

In looking back of the past tribal leaders who were fearless leaders are Peter MacDonald, Sr. and Peterson Zah who stood up to the federal and state officials at various levels. They were outstanding leaders and other tribes depended on them. Maybe we should keep electing people by the first name of Peter in the future. It might be worth it.

In closing I would thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address these issues and concerns in this short letter.

Vern Charleston
Farmington, N.M.

Voting for Navajo candidates

I was absolutely thrilled and happy to read about former Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez, who is running against the incumbent Eli Crane in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District, according to Navajo Times reporter, Boderra Joe, on June 13.

I was curious to see what happened to him since we did not hear about him after the June 4th Primary Election in New Mexico whether he stopped running.

It is definitely great news that the Primary Election in Arizona is not until July 30, 2024, with the General Election scheduled for Nov. 5, 2024. I do not think Mr. Nez will mind being addressed as Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District representative. No doubt, he will get used to it.

Jonathan has already contacted the 22 Indian tribes who reside in Arizona, but 14 of the 22 Indian tribes are residing in District 2, which includes: Apache, Navajo, Coconino, Gila, and Yavapai.

The tribal members are beginning to register their members for Primary and General Election since he is a Navajo member running for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. He is advocating for their community needs as follows: road and bridge improvement, home construction, groundwater supply, and electricity. They are excited in registering their members since one of their own Native member is running against Eli Crane. Nez is also advocating for national needs and problems such as immigration reform, lowering costs, protecting Arizona water climate changes, and reproductive rights. Mr. Nez really does have a good chance of winning Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District against his incumbent, Eli Crane, for the General Election on Nov. 5, 2024.

One problem that has not been mentioned is the campaign donation. According to Arizona Ballotpia, on June 18, 2024, Eli has a huge financial advantage in Congressional campaign money.

I would urge all Navajo voters in Apache and Navajo counties to donate to Mr. Nez’s campaign funds. I also urge all Navajo tribal leadership to encourage Navajo voters across the Navajo land to vote for Navajo candidates who are running for different districts in New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. This voting business has become culturally appropriate where Blacks vote for black candidates, etc.

I have been receiving too many letters from both the elephant and donkey parties for donation just because I made a few selected donations. I would like to ask Mr. Nez how to contact his campaign manager for his campaign donation. I am registered as a real conservative Republican and I have always voted for Republican candidates.

Irvin Jones
Gallup, N.M.


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