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Police Blotter: Shiprock man sentenced in stabbing


Aaron Curley, a resident of Shiprock, was sentenced Tuesday to 24 months in federal prison for stabbing his wife during an argument and only stopping when his 19-year-old son overpowered him.

Curley, 55, faced a possible 10-year sentence.

The incident took place Nov. 29, 2016, at the family’s home in the low-rent housing subdivision in Shiprock.

According to both his wife and son, neither of whom were identified in the criminal complaint, Curley came home that night upset and began arguing with his wife who was in the bedroom.

After arguing for several minutes, Curley reportedly went into the kitchen and came back with a knife. When his wife saw the knife, she said she immediately called for her son who was in another room.

Before the son entered, Curley stabbed his wife in the leg and was trying to stab her in the abdomen when the son came in. His wife said she managed to push him away, sustaining another cut on her arm and hand. She said she was also able to bite him in the hand, which caused him to release the knife.

At that point, her son grabbed Curley and detained him, the report states. Curley’s wife later said that if her son had not been at home that night to protect her, she believed Curley would have killed her.

Curley later agreed to waive his rights and talk to FBI agents.

He said when he got home that night, he was angry at his wife for not responding to a text message he had sent accusing her of seeing another man.

He said that the two began arguing and because of their long relationship, his wife knew how to “trigger” his anger by telling him “to just go, just go.”

He said he then went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. When he came back, he said he “poked” her with the knife near her stomach, after which his son came into the room and overpowered him.

He said he “poked her once or so.”

Man barricades self in girlfriend’s home

GALLUP – Navajo Nation Police reported an incident on Saturday about 8 p.m. where a man barricaded himself in a house in Crownpoint in an effort to avoid being arrested.

The man was identified as Vincent Joe.

Joe had gone to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Galene Guber, and barricaded himself in the house armed with a crossbow or compound bow and refused to allow her to leave, according to police.

Police began negotiations and at about 9:30 p.m., Joe opened the side door and surrendered to Navajo Police without incident.
Guber was transported to the Crownpoint hospital for observation and treatment of any injuries she may have had.

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