Dilkon homicide suspect apprehended


mug shot

Homicide suspect Brian Tewanema.

Brian Tewanema, the homicide suspect who eluded police for 10 days, has been apprehended by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.

Details about Tewanema’s arrest on Saturday are not known, said Navajo Nation Police Chief Phillip Francisco.

Tewanema is a suspect in a homicide in Dilkon on the night of September 13. Police spotted him the next day in the Toyei area.

Heavily armed police began searching for Tewanema, pursuing him to an area north of Jeddito, on the Hopi Reservation, where they lost track of him. Jesse Delmar, director of the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety, said Navajo Nation Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Hopi BIA police were involved in the 10-day search.

Delmar did not identify the victim.

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