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‘Powered by heart’ Best trick yet: New skatepark for Bis Dah Łitso community

‘Powered by heart’ Best trick yet: New skatepark for Bis Dah Łitso community


The Diné Skate Garden Project saw the need for a skatepark in the Navajo Nation. It was delivered April 10 with an opening celebration welcoming the community, skateboarding icons, dignitaries, and tribal officials to a small rural Dinétah community of Two Grey Hills.

Navajo Times | Holly James
Legendary professional skateboarder Tony Hawk gives high fives to the kids celebrating the opening of the skatepark April 10 in Two Grey Hills, N.M. Hawk partnered with the 4Kinship organization to help with partial funding through his nonprofit organization, the Skateboard Project.

One wouldn’t think that about eight miles from the main stretch of road connecting Gallup to Shiprock, near the nizhóní views of the Chuska Mountains, is the new home for a community skatepark, but that is exactly what inspired the idea to build it.

An all-Diné-owned sustainable clothing brand, 4KINSHIP, which was founded by Diné Asdzáán fashion designer Amy Denet Deal led the Diné Skate Garden Project.

Deal is the daughter of Joane Denet Deal. Amy is Naasht’ézhí Dine’é and born for Bilagáana. Deal is from Tó Háálį́, New Mexico.

To read more, pick up the April 20 edition of the Navajo Times.

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Holly James

Holly James is Kinyaa'áanii (the Towering House Clan) and born for Tódích’íi’nii (Bitter Water Clan). Her maternal grandfather is Kinłichíi’nii (Red House Clan), and her paternal grandfather is Honágháahnii (One-walks-around Clan). Ms. James was born in Tséhootsooí (Fort Defiance), Ariz., and grew up in Phoenix. She began her tenure with the Navajo Times as a freelancer, and a year ago, she moved from Nevada to Diné Bikéyah and became a full-time reporter. Her passion is sharing the light of her Diné People, the tenacity, pride, ingenuity, and resilience they show daily. She intends to enrich the hopes and aspirations of the Diné through the stories of contributions and hardships, survival, and culture revitalization.


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