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The quality of legislative drafting provided by the Office of Legislative Counsel and/or the Navajo Nation Department of Justice leaves

It is the worst road that you can imagine, washboard, potholes, and very bumpy.

We have learned that the abandoned Round Rock Trading Post is going to be razed.

I worked for the Navajo Nation government from 1971 to 2001 and would like to speak to some major issues.

I was inspired by the letter from Irma Bluehouse and Milton Bluehouse Jr. on thoughtless statements by leaders on water

I have been listening and reading about all the horrible things that are happening among the general public, mainly the Navajo people, some are justified and most are self-inflicted.

My name is Brian Yazzie. I am a father, son, husband-to-be, and a proud Native American who does not want to spend my last few moments of freedom not making a difference.

So, by my understanding, it now seems the Council is pushing to ignore the voices of the people yet again.

Ya’ateeh, we have the pleasure of announcing our daughter, Shania McKinley, as the new Miss Round Rock 2015-2016.

It has recently come to my attention that there are renewed plans to restart commercial logging in the Chuska and