Letters | Election office is a stepchild

The recent Primary Election votes recount determines how important it is to have a fair election. There were discrepancies found.

The Navajo Election Administration has a tremendous number of responsibilities to have a day election reservation-wide. Even prior planning to hold the election, mistakes will happen.

For many years Navajo Election Administration is a stepchild. They get ignored in many ways and not truly supported fairly with budget allocations. They get last-minute budget allocation to hold the Primary and General elections.

This is not enough time to hire good, experienced poll watchers. It takes several months to pay these poll watchers. This is the reason they do not return to be poll watchers. The poll watchers have tremendous responsibilities to have a fair election.

Navajo Election Administration encounters many years of delays to replace outdated computers and other office equipment.

Navajo Nation needs to invest in purchasing their own voting machines. They work with outdated election codes. The Navajo Election Administration employees work in run-down office buildings.

Navajo Election Administration obtained land near the Window Rock Post Office planning to build a new building with a large warehouse to store election equipment. They found $2 million to build the building and someone took the money from the Navajo Election Administration.

We elect the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors. Nobody listens to them about solving election problems and making new election laws.

They do not recognize their responsibilities. They have a hard time finding Council delegates to sponsor election legislation.

Truly adopt and support the stepchild.

Sammy Ahkeah
Shiprock, N.M.

A strike against Buu

We got two candidates for president, Jonathan Nez and Buu Nygren. One got a Navajo name and one got an Asian name.

You think putting an Asian’s name for Navajo president is funny?

Different tribes are going to make fun of us because we got a South Vietnamese for president. Wake up, Navajos!

Keep Navajo name for president. We lost lots of innocent boys in the Vietnam War because of that name.

You say Chris Deschene don’t speak Navajo and got rejected. It’s the same thing with this name.

Or call himself Billy Jack for a Navajo name. I’ll vote for him.

So let’s regroup and talk under the shade tree. May you all have a blessed day and more rain.

Kash Deal
Tuba City, Ariz.


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