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Guest Essay

Guest Column: ‘I learned skills to create and tell my stories’

By McKeon K. Dempsey Miss Navajo Nation 2014-15 Miss Navajo Nation is a role model for her people of all ages across the Navajo Nation. She embodies the teachings of


Letters: We’ve always trusted the wrong people

Trust in government has had its day. So who can we trust with the leadership of the Diné Nation? Or who, if anyone, can we trust in government these days?

Guest Essay Opinion

Guest Column: Pueblos join forces to oppose Grand Canyon Escalade Project

The Pueblo people have historically come together to join forces against threats to their land, culture and lifeways. On Aug. 18, 2014, another historical coming together to protect the confluence


Black Rock Acres is an eyesore

Today’s youth face many risks, including loss of language, culture, drug use, violence, suicide, and alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse has serious consequences in homes, schools and communities. Within the last

Baseball Reporter's Notebook

Reporter’s Notebook: Does Jacoby deserve the rank of ‘hero’?

Every summer since 2007, dugouts across or near the Navajo Nation have been packed with young baseball players talking about how they wish they could be like Jacoby Ellsbury. Some