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Route 367 collapses; residents scramble for alternates

A years-long war ended when the 23rd Navajo Nation Council on Tuesday night voted two in favor and 16 opposed to kill the Escalade project.

The legwork to implement the Amber Alert and the 911 systems for the Navajo Nation is ready to go. It just needs the money to kick-start it.

Aaron Curley, a resident of Shiprock, was sentenced Tuesday to 24 months in federal prison for stabbing his wife during an argument and only stopping when his 19-year-old son overpowered him.

Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai gave a left-handed compliment to the Navajo Times 50 years ago this week when he spoke to members of the Navajo Nation Council about the tribe’s finances.

A Kayenta Unified School District student was reportedly killed while exiting a school bus Tuesday.

Tribal leaders backed a House bill Wednesday that would give tribes the ability to control more of their land, instead of having to get federal approval for virtually any use.

Jurisdictional issues plague police, citizens

“We didn’t want to hear it but we knew that what he was saying kind of made sense because everything is based on a white man’s rules, regulations, policies, and laws.”

Navajo voters wanted no part of a Navajo Nation Council proposal to take $216 million out of the tribe’s Permanent Trust Fund to improve roads on the reservation.