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It’s been a good couple of weeks for Arizona’s Native Americans, at least symbolically.

Four children and two adults were treated at Chinle Comprehensive Health Center and released Thursday afternoon after being exposed to a toxic chemical at Jeeh Deez’a Academy in Low Mountain, Arizona

Driving through the city of Page, Arizona, it’s easy to spot the blue “Yes to NGS” signs placed on business windows.

Walk into any trading post near the reservation and they each have similar staples – jewelry to sell, junk food or soda and pawn loans.

Tribe files lawsuit as Tsinigine’s family marks death anniversary

While other tribes have allowed liquor sales on their reservations and it has worked out well for them, it wouldn’t work here on the Navajo Reservation, said Benjamin Hogue.

Another golden eagle was found, shot, with all of its tail feathers removed.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must restore the $7.3 million it cut from Navajo Head Start’s budget and institute an appeal process in the event the Navajo Nation wants to protest future cuts.

This past Saturday, thousands marched and protested across the country in the national “March For Our Lives,” demanding sensible gun laws be passed by Congress and to raise awareness about gun violence.

So far officials for the Navajo Nation Oil and Gas Company have had no problem getting support for their request of up to a $40 million bailout to prevent the banks from taking over the company’s assets. But their efforts will soon hit an immovable object – the president of the Navajo Nation, Russell Begaye.