President, speaker call for removal of top NHA management


In probably the strongest letter that Navajo Nation officials have written in recent years, the president and speaker of the Council has asked for the resignation and/or removal of the top management at Navajo Housing Authority.

The letter was written to member of the NHA board on Monday in an effort, according to tribal officials, to get the housing authority back on track after years of criticism from federal officials, Council delegates and tribal members who have been waiting for years to get a new home while NHA has been keeping hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.

“The managing officers have created an atmosphere of anger and mistrust amongst their employees and our people,” the letter, which was also signed by Council Delegate Alton Joe Shepherd.

Because of the actions of the NHA management, the Navajo people have a “complete lack of confidence” in their ability to do their job.

The final straw, said President Russell Begaye, Speaker LoRenzo Bates and Shepherd were the reports made public in recent weeks for “exigent professional development.”

“The numerous board meetings and trips have become so excessive in nature that the Navajo leadership has taken notice,” the letter states.

These “reckless displays of wasteful appropriations,” the tribal leaders said, have reflected poorly on the Navajo Nation and as a result, the ability of the management of NHA to manage its affairs has been called into question.

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