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Former Council candidate Roland Tso will serve the unexpired term of Johnny Naize, who resigned in Sept. before pleading guilty to bribery.

The bill that would have over rode Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly’s veto did not pass by a vote of 13-5 on Thursday evening during a special session at the Navajo Nation Council.

Today is going to be another big day in the ongoing saga of the 2014 Navajo Nation elections.

While the special prosecutors are still hoping to reach settlements with the few remaining former officials accused of misusing discretionary funds, the Window Rock District Court has set court dates.

The divisiveness over the Navajo Nation Supreme Court’s Oct. 31 oral contempt ruling compelled the court to go to great lengths — 12 pages, to be exact — to explain its decision in its written order, made public Wednesday evening.

Dozens of voting members of the community on Wednesday evening called for a removal of Council delegate Joshua Lavar Butler from office.

Here are unofficial results of the Navajo Nation general elections, minus the presidential race.

Incumbents ruled the elections in McKinley County and in New Mexico Tuesday.

Russell Begaye chose a man as his running mate who is so popular in his Council district that no one wanted to run against him.

Russell Begaye, who had the third highest votes in the Navajo Nation’s primary election and replaced former presidential candidate Chris Deschene, has made plans to announce his running mate today.