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Election 2014 Politics

Shirley selects 37-year-old Dineh Benally as VP running mate

Former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. went for youth in picking his vice presidential candidate Tuesday. Dineh Benally, son of presidential candidate Donald Benally, is 37 with a master’s

Election 2014 Politics

Lowe Atcitty, a longtime educator, to join Deschene on Nov. 4 general ticket

Hozho – the Navajo principle of balance with the natural world – is among a slew of reasons presidential hopeful Christopher Clark Deschene has selected Fannie Lowe Atcitty as his

Election 2014 Politics

Results of 2014 Tribal Council Races

Here are official results for Navajo Nation Tribal Council, as reported by the Navajo Nation Elections Administration. Download a PDF of the results provided by the Navajo Nation Election Administration:

Election 2014 Politics

Deschene cites campaign that reached entire nation

“Yeego Chris! Yeego Chris! Yeego Chris!” Those were the words and chants coming from supporters of Navajo Nation Presidential Candidate Chris Deschene, who held blue and white campaign signs and

Election 2014 Politics

Unofficial results of 2014 Navajo Nation presidential primary election

Unofficial results for Navajo Nation Presidential Primary, as reported by the Navajo Nation Elections Administration on Tuesday night, Aug. 26, 2014: 110 of 110 polls reporting Joe Shirley, Jr.: 10,910

Election 2014 Politics

Crunching the numbers pays off for Shirley

“Eight more years!” was the chant to which a loud and triumphant cadre of Joe Shirley Jr. supporters stormed the Window Rock Sports Center Tuesday night, declaring victory in the