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The Diné Chamber of Commerce is looking for a business-savvy president who will strip away – or at least diminish – the “red tape” that hinders many Navajo businesses from getting off the ground.

With the primary for Navajo Nation president now less than two weeks away, the big question on everyone’s mind is, Who are the favorites?

Willie Grayeyes is back on the ballot for San Juan County (Utah) Commission after a federal judge found Tuesday that his opponent’s claim that he doesn’t live in the county wasn’t filed by deadline.

‘Outsiders’ bash ‘career politicians’ at forum

Jim at forum: ‘I wrote the Declaration of Rights’

President Russell Begaye called out chapter officials in his state of the nation address before the Navajo Nation Council Monday, stressing that they have to be accountable to their people.

President Russell Begaye says he had no idea the Navajo Nation Council was considering a proposal to purchase firearms manufacturer Remington Arms Co. LLC until the news blew up on social media.

LGBTQ issues come out of the closet at forum

Surrounded by photos of local leaders who have passed on, many of whom he is related to by clan, Vice President and presidential candidate Jonathan Michael Nez settled into the meeting room at Shonto Chapter House on June 24 just like old times.

Court documents have been posted on social media within the past few days concerning criminal charges of sexual assault of a minor that were filed back in 2009 against one of the candidates running for Navajo Nation president.