Looking to connect? Try ‘Navajo in the City’

By Rachelle Todea
Special to the Times


Ever found yourself in the city wondering where other Diné are?

Courtesy photo

Davina Tallman Harrison

Davina Tallman Harrison, 45, has. Harrison moved to the Denver region in 2010. She is Todichiinii. She is born for Iberian, according to her recent results from ancestry.com. She learned her father’s ancestry in the fall of 2018. Iberian people are from the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal, she explained.

Compelled to connect with other Navajo people living in cities across the country, she started the Facebook page “Navajo In the City” on May 1, 2015. “My page is a way to connect with Navajos in the city,” she said. Her page has grown rapidly with over 61,000 likes and about 64,000 followers to date.

“I travelled from Boston to Atlanta and came across Navajos,” said Harrison, who works as an environmental health safety manager, which requires extensive travel.

“There’s a lot of Navajos in the city.” For instance, she travelled to Oregon and learned about the Navajos in the Northwest Facebook group. They once invited her to butcher, one of the many events they organize.

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