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Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye is seeking support from committees of the Navajo Nation Council for a new approach to economic development.

If the Navajo Nation can act fast, there’s an opportunity for it to develop almost enough wind and solar power to replace the 2,250 megawatts of coal-generated electricity that is now produced at the Navajo Generating Station, a representative of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation told about 30 people from the Black Mesa area …

Navajo-owned businesses are rare site nowadays, but one offers a unique service.

KTNN moves to new office building in St. Michaels

It’s a homecoming of sorts as Duane Beyal, former reporter and editor of the Navajo Times, has been appointed to be the Navajo Times’ editor again.

A mainstay of the Four Corners economy may be shut down in less than five years.

Tribal utility company to build new headquarters

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Chief Operating Officer Brian Parrish, who has been acting CEO since former interim CEO Derrick Watchman was placed on administrative leave last September, has been selected as CEO of the tribal enterprise …

Miss Western Navajo Teen Shalby Del Villar on Saturday bought a number of L.A. COLORS cosmetics and a measuring tape for just a few bucks at the new store within the Tónaneesdizí Shopping Center.

Tribal employees who spoke to the Navajo Times under the condition of anonymity said they have been pushed to join a union, a choice that was meant to be optional.