Which clan has best memory?

Which clan has best memory?

Navajo Nation Science Fair showcases youth projects


Grady Begay, a first-grader from Tuba City, set out on a mission to discover which Navajo clan group has the best memory.

His question was “Does clan affect memory?” “My hypothesis is, I think Group One has better memory because my first clan is Kinyaa’áanii,” Grady said. Grady spent around 40 hours giving memory tests to four people from each clan group. There are nine major clan groups. Group nine had the second highest score and group five had the third highest score.

Who has the worst memory according to this study? Clan relationship Group Three, which includes Tódích’íi’nii.

“I went to culture class and I wanted to learn more about the clans,” he said. “I told my mom I wanted to do a science fair project like this.”

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