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Our Navajo Code Talkers sacrificed their lives as they responded to the call of duty and enlisted into the armed forces during World War II.

In last week’s edition of the Navajo Times, a front-page article focused on the approval of funding to hold a referendum that would ask the Navajo people whether or not the Navajo Nation should use $216 million from the Permanent Trust Fund for road projects on the Navajo Nation — also known as the Transportation Stimulus Plan.

Senate Republicans campaigned against “Obamacare” for seven years. Yet there was never an alternative that had support from a majority of their own party.

The U.S. Senate is now going through 20 hours of debate on a House Resolution 1628 to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. But the House bill was stripped of every word except the title.

This week Navajo Nation Council Delegate Ben Bennett avoided an opportunity to hear debate on the proposed Escalade bill (0293-16) during the summer session of the Navajo Nation Council.

The Navajo Times newspaper will turn 57 years old in August. It became a copyrighted tabloid publication in 1960 and for most of its young years the Navajo Times office was located in an old building that stood in an area that today is the Window Rock Flea Market.

On May 24, I introduced Legislation No. 0194-17, which seeks the Navajo Nation’s approval of a replacement lease for Navajo Generating Station to allow the power plant to remain in operation until December 22, 2019, rather than to begin shutting down in July.

There has been a good deal of concern regarding the effects of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and disposal of drilling fluids in injection wells.

After several months of thorough, good-faith negotiations, a replacement lease that would keep the Navajo Generating Station operating through the end of 2019 is now in the hands of the Navajo Nation Council for consideration and, hopefully, final approval.

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