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Letters: Students should voice their opinions

Regarding the story “Students glimpse government in action” (Oct. 25, 2018).

“Youth should be incorporated into those discussions,” said Jewels Bahe (Gallup High student).

I have faith in these young Native American students to join the Navajo Council in the Chamber. These young students felt attached and listened to the Council.

They should voice their own opinions about subjects around the Navajo Nation. The subjects they would like to talk about would be examples like education, community participation, respecting Mother Earth, and speaking our Native language further and other subjects.

The students should join in Council discussions. Listen to their responses because their point of view will help unite our reservation. The more communication with the students, the better our government will rise.

These students will assist every Native American to form one agreement of equality. For this to happen, the youth need to cooperate with each other in the Council Chambers.

Amanda Hubbard
Navajo, N.M.

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