‘Daddy Alex Day’

‘Daddy Alex Day’

Family remembers fallen Navajo Nation Police officer


March 19, to his wife and children, is known as “Daddy Alex Day.”

Family photo of Navajo Nation Police Officer Alex Yazzie. (Courtesy of the family.)

That’s the day senior police officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Alex Yazzie, with the Shiprock Police District, was shot and killed in the line of duty. He was 42.

Yazzie was pursuing domestic violence suspect Justin Fowler in 2015. He and other Navajo Police officers suddenly came under fire on Navajo Route 13, about 6 miles southwest of Red Valley Chapter.

Yazzie, according to Navajo Police, died in the gun battle with Fowler, who was also killed.

Marenda Yazzie said her husband’s death inspired her to join the ranks of the Navajo Police Department but her son’s words eventually changed her mind.

“When everything happened, I actually considered to try to become a police officer because I wanted to continue what he was doing,” the mother of five said on March 22. “I wanted to continue his legacy by becoming a police officer.

“My son, at the time, he told me ‘no,’” she said. “He said, ‘No, mom, we at least need one parent here.’ Those words really opened my eyes up.”

Four years have gone by and Marenda said she misses him everyday. She wakes and puts on her Emergency Medical Services uniform. After work, she goes home, takes off her EMT hat and becomes mom – and dad.

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