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The Navajo Nation Office of Hearings and Appeals has dismissed a complaint against Joe Shirley Jr.’s candidacy for Navajo Nation president, calling it “frivolous,” but a complaint against his opponent, Jonathan Nez, is set for hearing Sept. 26.

Within the last few months, high turnover has plagued the Office of the President and Vice President, but the news of the recent termination of two of Vice President Jonathan Nez’s three staff assistants begs the question, How shaky is it in the executive offices?

The push to keep this year’s 72nd annual Navajo Nation Fair safe for everyone went “smoothly.”

The decision by the Navajo Tribe to expel the head of DNA-People’s Legal Services from the reservation had finally made it to federal court.

Complaints have been filed against the two winners of the Navajo Nation Primary Election for president in an effort to get them removed from the general election ballot.

Low number of Miss Navajo contestants leads to strenuous sheep-butchering event

Request pending amid sanctions, mounting problems

Semitrailer may have had a tire failure, causing it to careen across median into Greyhound bus.

Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai did something this month that no tribal leader has done in the past: He invited the heads of some 60 companies that do business with the tribe to a special meeting he held at the Window Rock Civic Center.

An accident on Interstate 40 occurred between a Greyhound bus and a semi on Thursday, according to the New Mexico State Police.