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The family of Ashlynne Mike stood outside front door of the Pete V. Domenici U.S. Courthouse and thanked federal prosecutors for giving them the justice they said their daughter deserved.

A large group of veterans marched to the Navajo Nation Council Chamber on Oct. 18 to support legislation to increase funding for veterans organizations.

While the Navajo Nation and the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division have worked out how Navajo citizens can get or renew their driver’s licenses without providing a birth certificate, there are many other reasons delayed birth certificates are needed.

Coconino County Sheriff’s deputies and Search and Rescue Unit conducted two search and rescue missions on the San Francisco Peaks on Oct. 11, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

50 Years Ago: Nakai supports bill of rights but opposes national measure

Just a week after the Navajo Tribal Council approved a Navajo Bill of Rights, which was supported by the tribe’s chairman, Raymond Nakai, he went on record as opposed to a national Indian Bill of Rights that a southern senator is trying to get Congress to pass.

A documentary producer is researching those good old days and is looking for Navajos who appeared as extras in movies like John Ford’s “Stagecoach” or “A Distant Trumpet.”

Navajo Code Talker David Patterson, Sr. was laid to rest today and what will be remembered is not only his service to his country but his love for his family, Catholic faith and bowling.

ABQ celebrates Indigenous People’s Day at cultural center

Mothers of missing women cling to hope

Local activist Mervyn Tilden was standing alone for the first five years of the annual demonstration he created for Indigenous Peoples Day.