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Vice President Jonathan Nez swiftly ran straight to the top spot in the election for Navajo Nation president during Tuesday night’s primaries with 14,105 votes.

Eastern Navajo voters cite needs

The new Navajo Community College is scheduled to open next January and a decision has been made as to where the students will be housed until dormitories are built. Construction of the dorms is expected to be complete in 1970.

The power of the Navajo vote is bringing out the best in dozens of candidates.

Karis Begaye, President Russell Begaye’s daughter and former legal advisor who resigned after crashing a tribal vehicle under the influence of alcohol this spring, may be back working for the president’s office through a contracted law firm.

The accident occurred at the intersection of U.S. Highway 491 and Indian Service Route 5, Navajo Nation Chief of Police Phillip Francisco said.

Formal negotiations got underway 50 years ago in an effort to resolve the Ted Mitchell situation, the Navajo Times reported.

With Navajo candidate Willie Greyeyes back on the ballot, Navajos in San Juan County Utah have a good chance of taking the majority of seats on both the county commission and school board — if they turn out at the polls.

Marine Corps veteran and former prisoner of war “Gunny” PJ James walked over to Navajo Code Talker John Kinsel Sr., 97, and saw his uniform was not inspection-ready.

The decision by members of the Navajo Tribal Council’s Advisory Committee to ban the director of DNA-People’s Legal Services from the Navajo Reservation has created a lot of controversy, not only in Window Rock but in Washington, D.C., as well.