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50 Years Ago: NFPI – the Navajo Tribe’s greatest economic asset?

Fifty years ago, the Navajo Forest Products Industries was considered the tribe’s most successful enterprise.

U.S. Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders seemed genuinely concerned when he spoke about the high suicide and poverty rates found on Indian Country.

As long as a newborn baby does not have difficulty breathing and does not have a problem that needs further care, naked and unbathed, they are put on their mother’s bare chest and will remain there until the first breastfeeding is accomplished at the very minimum.

Experts say healing will not come easy after toxic mine spill

U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will make an appearance at the Twin Arrows Casino in Flagstaff this evening.

50 Years Ago: Hearings held to confirm Bennett as commissioner on Indian Affairs

Of course, no one in Congress seriously considered granting the Navajo Tribe’s request but in hindsight, one had to wonder why the council even made the request.

12-year-old shines in new Navajo-dubbed Pixar film

Apache County’s only white supervisor says the proposal to split Apache County at I-40 is not racially motivated.

The Navajo Nation Council continues to discuss possible plans for land division of Fort Wingate between Navajo and Zuni…

It is not like the Santa Fe Indian School Lady Braves to dive for a basketball. Nor is it like them to take an opponent’s aggressive nature and use it against them.