Rising temps over image

Rising temps over image

City takes back painting of Larry Casuse, causes protest

Navajo Times | Donovan Quintero
An activist holds up one side of a banner that reads “WHAT WOULD CASUSE DO??” outside Gallup City Hall Tuesday evening in Gallup.


Mayor Jackie McKinney confirmed that the confiscated trash can bearing the image of Larry Casuse has been painted over.

The trash container, a potter, was confiscated from the street in front of the Law Offices of Barry Klopfer on April 5.

Navajo Times | Donovan Quintero
Jerry Garcia holds his arms out while speaking about his brother, Emmett Garcia, the former mayor of Gallup, who was kidnapped in 1973 by the late Larry Casuse Tuesday during a city hall meeting in Gallup.

On April 25 a handful of protesters spoke during the public comment period of a Gallup City Council meeting, demanding the return of the confiscated street art.

McKinney said Klopfer, who invested $300 in the Casuse mural on the receptacle, had received a full refund.

Casuse was involved in the 1973 incident when he kidnapped then-Mayor Emmett Garcia in an attempt to hold the mayor – also a liquor store owner – accountable for the number of liquor licenses the city issued and alcohol-related deaths of Diné.

Police shot Casuse in the incident, killing the University of New Mexico student.

“Make no mistake mayor, it’s you we’re opposing,” Klopfer wrote in a statement read by an employee Melissa Lee.

McKinney called Lee a “messenger” for Klopfer.

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