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T’ahdoo bee lą́ ‘aleeh bee ‘át’é: Ada’iis’nil t’ahdoo ílįįgo ádaalnéhígíí

By Donovan Quintero, Amber Wauneka, and Krista Allen
Navajo Times


The Navajo Election Administration has 10 days after an election to hand count any eligible challenged votes to include in the election results.

Eligible means a vote is an active registered voter and hand-counted absentee ballots received on or before 7 p.m. on Election Day, explained Rosita Kelly, executive director for the election administration.

All absentee ballots received the Friday before an election – in this case, Nov. 8, 2022 – are included in the machine count. All other absentee ballots received by 7 p.m. on Election Day is hand counted, said Kelly.

The Navajo Board of Election Supervisors will certify those results at its regular meeting after 10 days of an election – if there are no grievances or requests for recounts, among others.

Kelly said certification of election results gets delayed if grievances are filed or if there are requests for recounts specific to a candidate’s districts/areas of representation. Nov. 18 is the deadline to request a recount or file a grievance.


Buu Nygren and Richelle Montoya, 34,568.

Jonathan Nez and Chad Abeyta, 31,069.



Chinle Agency

Leta Honnie, 8,405.

Eastern Agency

Charles Long, 9,095.

JaRell R. DeGroat, 5,396.

Fort Defiance Agency

Larry Noble, 9,583.

Shirley M. Barney, 6,156.

Northern Agency

Watona Kellywood, 6,176.

William Lee, 6,150.

Western Agency

Myra Begay, 6,389.

Raymond Maxx, 4,518


Chinle Agency

Mary E. Begay, 7,847.

Eastern Agency

Nadine M. Chatto, 8,724.

Priscilla Benally, 5,871.

Fort Defiance Agency

Sharon A. Toadecheenie, 14,165.

Northern Agency

Freda K. Nells, 11,199.

Western Agency

Dellard Curley, 9,739.




Shawna Ann Claw, 1,060.

Dr. Leland Leonard, 838.

Black Mesa, Hard Rock, Pinon, Whippoorwill, Forest Lake

Germaine Simonson, 1,213.

Malcolm M. Logg, 1,118.

Dilcon, Indian Wells, Teesto, Whitecone, Greasewood

Cherilyn Yazzie, 1,426.

Lee Jack Sr., 1,134.

Tachíí/Blue Gap, Many Farms, Tsélání/Cottonwood, Low Mountain

Crystalyne Curley, 1,493.

Kee Allen Begay, 1,480.

Coppermine, K’ai’bii’tó, LeChee, Tonalea/Red Lake, Bodaway/Gap

Helena Nez Begay, 1,533.

Paul Begay, 1,331.

Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso, Kayenta

Shaandiin Parrish, 1,256.

Nathaniel Brown, 1,136.


Eugenia Charles-Newton, 1,684.

Russell Begaye, 952.

Cove, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Red Valley, Tsé ‘Ałnáozt’i’í’, Sheepsprings, Beclabito, Gadíí’áhí/To’Koi

Amber Kanazbah Crotty, 1,638.

Lindsey Leighann Benally, 1,057.

Bááhááli, Chéch’iltah, Manuelito, Red Rock, Rock Springs, Tsayatoh

Seth Damon, 2,705.

Ts’ahbiikin, Navajo Mountain, Shonto, Oljato

Herman Daniels Jr., 1,202.

Henry Stevens, 1,032.

Becenti, Lake Valley, Nihodeeshgiizh, Standing Rock, Whiterock, Huerfano, Nageezi, Crownpoint

Danny Simpson, 1,814.

Mark Freeland, 1,472.

Coyote Canyon, Mexican Springs, Naschitti, Tohatchi, Bahastł’ah

Nathan Notah, 1,971.

Olin Kieyoomia, 1,522.

Alamo, Ramah, Tóhajiileehé

Norman M. Begay, 961.

Jamie Henio, 798.

Jeddito, Cornfields, Ganado, Kinłichíí, Steamboat

Vince James, 2,326.

Richie Nez, 639.

T’iistó, Sikaad, Niinahnízaad, Tsédaak’áán, Newcomb, San Juan

Rickie Nez, 1,638.

Mathew Tso, 1,578.

Tsaile/Wheatfields, Lukachukai, Round Rock, Tséch’ízhí, Rock Point

Carl Slater, 1,610.

Crystal Littleben, 1,564.

Klagetoh, Wide Ruins, Houck, Lupton, Nahat’á Dziil

Lomardo Aseret, 1,256.

Arbin Mitchell, 1,040.

Crystal, Fort Defiance, Red Lake, Sawmill

Andy Nez, 1,737.

Wilson Stewart Jr., 1,019.

Mexican Water, Tó’łikan, T’iisnázbąs, Aneth, Red Mesa

Curtis Yanito, 1,788.

Davis Filfred, 1,262.

Littlewater, Pueblo Pintado, Torreon, Whitehorse Lake, Baca/Prewitt, Casamero Lake, Ojo Encino, Counselor

George Tolth, 1,478.

Leonard Tsosie, 1,437.

Tuba City

Otto Tso, 937.

Angie Williams, 552.

Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Birdsprings, Leupp, Tolani Lake

Casey Allen Johnson, 1,175.

Thomas Walker Jr., 1,042.

Oak Springs, St. Michaels

Brenda Jesus, 1,016.

Edison Wauneka, 612.

Churchrock, Iyanbito, Mariano Lake, Pinedale, Smith Lake, Thoreau

Steven R. Arviso, 2,139.

Edmund Yazzie, 1,467.



Central Navajo Schools

  • Chinle Chapter

Harry Claw, 1,717.

  • Many Farms Chapter

Julian C. Begay, 524.

Harrison Bia, 494.

  • Round Rock, Tsé Ch’izhi chapters

Perry C. Begay, 510.

Luke P. Deswood, 432.

  • Tachíí/Blue Gap, Tsélání/Cottonwood, Whippoorwill Chapters

Wallace Kee, 852.

Earl Tulley, 806.

Ch’ínílį Navajo Schools

  • Lukachukai, Round Rock, Tsaile/Wheatfields Chapters

Wayne Clement, 722.

Stanley Kedelty, 602.

Lucinda M. Campbell, 516.

  • Many Farms, Tsé Ch’izhi Chapters

Eugene W. Glasses, 583.

Lorene S. Yazzie, 371.

Annie J. Tayah, 297.

  • Hardrock, Forest Lake, Piñon, Black Mesa Chapters

Byron Wesley, 839.

Bill Yazzie, 529.

Larry Biltah, 492.

  • Tachíí/Blue Gap, Nazlini, Tsélání/Cottonwood, Whippoorwill Chapters

Marleita Begay, 1,561.


  • Crystal, Red Lake Chapters

Theresa A. Kedelty, 662.

  • Houck, Tsé Si Ání, Nahat’á Dziil Chapters

Bessie L. Tsosie, 551.

Kathleen B. Lee, 503.

Jackie Yazzie Jr., 360.

  • Teesto Chapter

Jonathan Leonard, 446.

  • Coyote Canyon, Mexican Springs, Naschitti, Tohatchi, Bahastł’ah chapters

Hoskie Bryant, 2,906.

Tséhootsooí II

  • Fort Defiance, St. Michaels chapters

Janis Damon, 1,354.

Genevieve J. Jackson, 1,348.

  • Wide Ruins, Houck, Oak Springs, Tsé Si Ání, Nahat’á Dziil chapters

Vera Whitehair, 1,629.

Dorothy M. Keedah, 561.

  • Cornfields, Ganado, Kin Dah Łichíí, Klagetoh, Steamboat, Wide Ruins chapters

Valerie Yazzie, 1,005.

Linda Smith Youvella, 902.

Clarence Chee, 696.

Steven Kee, 455.

Teddy H. Begay, 257.

  • Dilcon, Jeddito, Teesto, Whitecone, Greasewood Springs chapters

Sophia Attakai-Francis, 708.

  1. Harlan Charley, 564.

Linda M. Yazzie, 403.

Margie Barton, 332.

Rudie John, 328.

Lavida Begay Maestas, 166.

Tónaneesdizí Schools I

  • Tonalea, Tónaneesdizí Local Government

Irvin J. Begay, 1,482.

Loretta Chino, 1,383.

  • K’ai’bii’tó, Ts’ahbiikin chapters

Jovita Tracey, 859.

  • Bodaway/Gap, Cameron, Coalmine Canyon chapters

Emmett Kerley, 1,246.

  • Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso, Kayenta, Oljato chapters

George E. Sisco III, 1,867.

Betty Donald, 1,251.

Tónaneesdizí Schools II

  • Tonalea, Tónaneesdizí Local Government

Chester Claw, 2,055.

  • K’ai’bii’tó, Ts’ahbiikin chapters, Shonto Community Governance

Felix R. Fuller, 1,001.

Martha A. Tate, 630.

  • Naatsis’áán, Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso, Kayenta, Oljato Chapters

Willie Grayeyes, 3,151.

  • Tsídii To’ II, Leupp, Tolani Lake chapters

Roberta Gorman, 725.

Rena M. Edwards, 555.

Richfield Residential Hall

  • Bodaway/Gap Chapter, Tónaneesdizí Local Government

Frank L. Dugi, 1,795.

  • Dennehotso, Kayenta Chapters

Elroy Watson, 1,777.

  • Oljato, Tsé Ch’izhi Chapters

Jean Holiday, 1,093.

  • K’ai’bii’tó, LeChee, Naatsis’áán chapters and Shonto Community Governance

Denis Tsosie, 1,865.

Northern Navajo Schools

  • Mexican Water, Tółikan, Aneth, Red Mesa chapters

Doris J. Tsinnijinnie, 1,405.

John Billie, 923.

  • T’iisnázbąs, Beclabito, Tsé Daa’Kaan, Gadíí’áhí/To’koi chapters

Stephanie John, 807.

Perry Tso, 596.

Kado Holiday, 452.

  • Red Valley, Cove Chapters

Lee B. Roy Sr., 789.

  • Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Tsé ‘Ałnáozt’i’í, Newcomb chapters

Lynda D. Lasiloo, 845.

Ramnita Henderson, 831.

  • Shiprock, Niinahnízaad, Upper Fruitland, San Juan Chapters

Mae Y. Sandoval, 3,916.

Naat’áanii Nééz Schools

  • Shiprock Chapter

Pete Ken Atcitty, 1,498.

Nikki E. Begay, 1,115.

Richard T. Begaye, 785.

Lula Jackson, 781.

Marian J. John, 379.

  • Rock Point, Round Rock Chapters

Valinda Shirley, 1,109.

  • Tsé Daa’ Kaan, Gadíí’áhí/To’koi Chapters

Lavone Garnenez, 816.

  • Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Tsé ‘Ałnáozt’i’í, Newcomb Chapters

Kerby Johnson, 931.

Sarah White, 511.

Shash Bii’tó Schools

  • Bááhááli, Chéch’iltah, Manuelito, Tsé Łichíí, Tsayatoh Chapters

Loretta Arviso, 1,583.

Brigadier Brown, 1,352.

  • Churchrock Chapter

Titus Jay Nez, 500.

Noreen Kelly, 329.

Michael Armijo, 230.

  • Iyanbito Chapter

Gertie J. White, 252.

Caitlin Tom, 207.

  • Mariano Lake, Pinedale Chapters

Carol Mariano, 770.

T’iists’óózí Crownpoint Schools

  • Baca/Prewitt Chapter

Beatrice L. Woodward, 492.

  • Mariano Lake, Pinedale, Smith Lake, Thoreau Chapters

Henry King, 1,140.

Sylvia Largo, 855.

  • Lake Valley, Nihodeeshgiizh, Tsé’íí’áhí, Whiterock, Crownpoint Chapters

MacGarrett D. Pablo, 993.

Ramona Begay, 568.

  • Pueblo Pintado, Ojo Encino, Counselor chapters

George Werito Jr., 685.

  • Becenti, Littlewater, Whitehorse Lake, Casamero Lake Chapters

Lucita L. Nolan, 1,010.

Eastern Navajo Schools

  • Torreon Chapter

Elsa Freida Otero, 503.

  • Huerfano Chapter

Lois Y. Werito, 471.

Ben Woody Jr., 436.

Saraphine Woody, 300.

  • Nageezi Chapter

Ervin Chavez, 446.

Alamo Navajo School

  • Alamo Chapter

Rick J. Padilla, 409.

Marie Pino, 354.

Cecil J. Abeyta, 346.

John R. Apachito Jr., 327.

Steve Guerro, 272.

Raymond Apachito Sr., 196.

Inez Apachito, 189.

Geneva J. Apachito, 147.

Ramah Navajo School Board

  • Ramah Chapter

Victoria Henio, 540.

Gjermundson C. Jake, 469.

Carolyn Coho, 444.

Martha Garcia, 427.

Sarah Henio-Adeky, 324.

Marlene Watashe, 300.

Maxine Coho, 291.

Beverly J. Coho, 250.

Tóhajiileehé Community School

  • Tóhajiileehé Chapter

Jordan Etcitty, 361.

Lawrence R. Platero, 360.

Francesca Abeita, 318.

Bertha Bruce, 316.

  1. Paulene Abeyta, 285.

Fannie Chavez Platero, 233.

Evangeline Willie, 189.

Navajo Preparatory School

  • Chinle, Western Agencies

Anderson Yazzie Jr., 18,235.

  • Fort Defiance Agency

Sherrick Roanhorse, 8,583.

Dr. David J. Tsosie, 6,993.

  • Northern Agency

Dr. Bernadette Todacheene, 10,817.

  • Eastern Agency

Craig Lee Sandoval, 12,192.



Commissioner — Naschitti, Fort Defiance Agency

Tammy Yazzie, 514.

Alexis Wood, 316.

Lincoln Nez, 257.

Hoskie Bryant, 158.

Tachíí/Blue Gap Chapter Vice President — Chinle Agency

Marcinda Lameman, 306.

Dennis Clah, 203.

T’iistsoh Sikaad Chapter President — Northern Agency

Harrison LaMone, 126.

Nancy Begay, 112.

Ernest Diswood, 86.

Mariano Chapter Vice President — Eastern Agency

Henry King, 291.

Young Jeff Tom, 135


Chinle Agency

Hardrock, Chinle, Lukachukai, Black Mesa, Forest Lake, Many Farms, Round Rock, Whippoorwill, Piñon, Nazlini, Tsaile/Wheatfields, Tachíí/Blue Gap, Tsélání/Cottonwood, Tsé Ch’ Izhi.

Eastern Agency

Becenti, Pueblo Pintado, Whiterock, Chéch’iltah, Mariano Lake, Smith Lake, Nageezi, Alamo, Lake Valley, Tsé’íí’áhí’, Baca/Prewitt, Churchrock, Pinedale, Thoreau, Ojo Encino, Crownpoint, Littlewater, Torreon, Bááhááli, Iyanbito, Tsé Łichíí, Tsayatoh, Ramah, Counselor, Nihodeeshgiizh, Whitehorse Lake, Casamero Lake, Manuelito, Rock Springs, Huerfano, Tóhajiileehé.

Fort Defiance Agency

Dilcon, Whitecone, Tohatchi, Greasewood Springs, Wide Ruins, Oak Springs, Tsé Si’ Ání, Indian Wells, Coyote Canyon, Bahastł’ah, Kin Dah Łichíí, Crystal, Red Lake, Low Mountain, Jeddito, Mexican Springs, Cornfields, Klagetoh, Fort Defiance, St. Michaels, Nahat’á Dziil, Teesto, Naschitti, Ganado, Steamboat, Houck, Sawmill.

Northern Agency

Mexican Water, Aneth, Tooh Haltsooí, Upper Fruitland, Gadíí’áhí/To’koi, Rock Point, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Shiprock, Red Mesa, Cove, Tółikan, Red Valley, T’iistsoh Sikaad, Beclabito, Newcomb, T’iisnázbąs, Tsé ‘Ałnáozt’i’í, Niinahnízaad, Tse’ Daa’ Kaan, San Juan.

Western Agency

Coppermine, Ts’ahbiikin, Cameron, Leupp, Kayenta, K’ai’bii’tó, Naatsis’áán, Coalmine Canyon, Tolani Lake, Oljato, Łichíi’ii, Shonto Community Governance, Tónaneesdizí Local Government, Chilchinbeto, Tonalea/Red Lake, Bodaway-Gap, Tsídii To’í, Dennehotso.


Agencies Activity

Western Agency                              51.55% of 21,481

Chinle Agency                                 54.51% of 17,276

Fort Defiance Agency                     53.49% of 30,615

Northern Agency                             51.69% of 24,508

Eastern Agency                               53.87% of 29,479


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Window Rock Weather

84% humidity
wind: 12mph SW
H 48 • L 21

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