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Joe Shirley Jr.’s vice presidential running mate Dineh Benally is accused of failing to repay the Navajo Nation hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court has dismissed the embattled Marine Corps vet’s appeal.

Because there isn’t any representation from 12 Navajo Chapters to begin acting on the slew of bills listed on its fall session agenda, the Navajo Nation Council voted Tuesday to recess until Thursday morning.

As the Navajo Supreme Court and the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors continued with plans to address the situation with Chris Deschene, his opponent, Navajo Nation presidential candidate Joe Shirley Jr., continued to campaign.

Embattled Navajo presidential candidate Chris Deschene’s hopes rest on Monday. He will find out, once and for all, if his name will stay on the ballot.

The stage has been set for a possible showdown between the courts and the tribe’s election board over who has the authority to decide whether or not Chris Deschene should be allowed to run for Navajo Nation president.

Latest action is in response to the Navajo Board of Election’s decision to keep Navajo Nation presidential candidate Chris Deschene on the ballot despite the OHA’s order to replace him with the third-place winner of the September primaries.

The Office of Hearings and Appeals expects the Navajo Elections Administration to replace Chris Deschene with the candidate who received the next highest votes in the primary elections.

In spite of the Navajo Office of Hearings and Appeals decision to disqualify presidential candidate Christopher Clark Deschene, 43, on a default judgment, voters can still cast their ballots for him as walk-in absentees.

Chris Deschene repeatedly refused to answer questions Thursday in a hearing meant to determine whether he speaks Navajo fluently.