Crownpoint hits high point playing Prep

Player prepares to toss ball as everyone tries to tackle him.

Navajo Times | Sunnie R. Clahchischiligi
Navajo Preparatory School quarterback Justin Cly (10) scans the field as he looks for an open man during a home game with Crownpoint last Friday. Crownpoint defeated Navajo Prep, 36-16.


When the Crownpoint High School football teams rolls into town, one never knows which group of Eagles they’re going up against.

When the Eagles showed up at Navajo Preparatory School, it was the team that took a couple of steps in the right direction as they defeated Navajo Prep, 36-16.

Crownpoint head coach Roderick Harlan said his team has been inconsistent but last weekend they landed on the right side of the scoreboard.

“It’s like a touch and go with this team; sometimes we go one step forward and three steps back,” Harlan said. “It’s been like that most of the season, but hopefully we can get those kinks out once district rolls around.”

The biggest kink being the fact that Crownpoint couldn’t consistently put an entire game together.

They allowed Navajo Prep to get on the board first with 5:30 left on the clock in the first quarter. Navajo Prep receiver Lance Morris scored a touchdown and Drueh Liibilnaghahi followed up with an extra two points to give Navajo Prep an 8-0 lead.

Crownpoint answered back quickly, within less than 30 seconds, with a 63-yard run by senior Isaiah Pool. Pool bagged the extra two points to tie the score 8-8 going into the second quarter.

Navajo Prep head coach Eric Henson said his team just tried to come out and take care of the little things that have haunted them.

“Really just playing hard and trying to just do things right,” he said. “Come to practice and catch the ball.”

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