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According to a recent report by the Country Music Association, 42 percent of Americans are country music fans, and they span all age groups.

Microsoft-NTUA-NTU collaboration brings technology to chapters

With foreign investors and using an empty building, the establishment of a glove manufacturing business is on course.

City residents take grocery stores for granted. For rural folks on the Navajo Nation, having one in their town can make the difference between an all-day excursion just to put dinner on the table and a quick trip for a couple of items.

The new Family Dollar store on Main Street opened just seven weeks ago and now it’s the busiest of 15 stores in Arizona.

Navajo Nation economic development offices are continuing several projects throughout the reservation that will provide hundreds of new jobs over the next several months.

Native women working off the reservation make 53 cents to every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men make.

Young entrepreneur starts own skincare product line

The Navajo Nation has identified a potential buyer for the Navajo Generating Station that would allow the generating station, which along with the Kayenta Coal Mine generates about a third of the Navajo Nation’s budget and 80 percent of the Hopi Tribe’s, to operate beyond the projected closing date of 2019.

A settlement conference was held last week in an attempt to resolve the dispute between Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise and it’s former CEO, Barbara McGough.