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Navajo Times | Cindy Yurth
Mackenzie Jones, 10 months, demonstrates her talent of walking at the 2017 Central Fair Baby Contest Monday.

The babies and toddlers were tired Monday after being made to stay awake through the solar eclipse, as tradition demands.

Or at least that was the excuse some parents used when their offspring mutinied and refused to perform the tasks assigned to them for the talent portion of the Central Fair Baby Contest. But who cares?

Babies are cutest when they’re being spontaneous and a little bit naughty, as when tiny Kinsley Todachine, upon winning the crown in the 13-25-month division, threw down her trophy and led the crowd in clapping for herself.

“She’s been like this since she was born,” sighed her mom, Veronica. “I can’t get her to sit still.”

Veronica and Kinsley were new to the pageant scene … well, Kinsley’s pretty new to life in general.

But Veronica’s sister Dena Yazzie’s daughter has been Miss Central Teen, as well as her junior high’s and high school’s princess. “It’s really fun,” said Yazzie of the pageant circuit.

“It brings the family together.”

The baby contest brought the whole community together, and by the end of the evening everybody’s faces were sore from laughing at the antics of the exceedingly cute toddlers in their meticulous traditional dress.

The judges had an impossible job, but after extensive deliberation and one nail-biting tie-breaking cute-off in the 26-60-month division, here’s how it shook out:

0 to 12 Months

Girls 1. Dexy Yazzie 2. Allision Yazzie 3. Mackenzie Jones; Boys 1. Hayden Davis

13 to 25 Months

Girls 1. Kinsley Todachine; Boys 1. Tyrann Jeremy Kee

26 to 60 months

Girls 1. Autumn Claw 2. Leah Charley 3. Loriana Halwood 4. Harleigh Sells; Boys 1. Keanu Towne 2. Robert Benally

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